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Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala 

Registration Deadline: October 25, 2013

Cost: $1800 (estimated)
Course Credit: No
Trip Dates: March 15-23, 2014

ASB world simple SMALL.jpgAccording to Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala, "The housing deficit in Guatemala is estimated at approximately 1.2 million homes. Many of these families live in poorly constructed houses made of unstable materials, such as adobe, corrugated metal sheets, wood planks or palm thatching. Others, who lack even this basic structure, pay more than half of their monthly income on rent or crowd into homes where several families occupy the same small house or room." To date, over 32,000 families have been assisted through Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala, but there is still much work to do. For spring break, Washington State and University of Idaho students are invited to join us in Jocotan, Chiquimula, Guatemala!

Guat2Jocotan is a village in the Chiquimula municipality in the southeast of Guatemala near the Honduran border. This region is hot an arid, and Habitat housing built for Jocotan residents are small, sturdy concrete structures costing around $5000 each. Participants will have the opportunity to build a house for a family in need as well as visit Mayan ruins, scenic areas, and historic cities all over spring break!

For more information, visit Habitat for Humanity of the Palouse and Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala or contact the CCE at 509-335-7708 or cce@wsu.edu.

Civic Engagement Experiences

On this trip to Guatemala, you will both learn about the root causes of the housing issues faced by Jocotan residents as well as spend time building new homes for these same residents. All civic engagement for this trip can be tracked on CougSync through the CCE.

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For more information,
please contact the CCE
at 509-335-7708 or cce@wsu.edu.

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