Center for Civic Engagement

Community Involvement Award

Each month, the CCE recognizes one outstanding student or student group whose exemplary service, leadership, and commitment has impacted the community. Nominations can be submitted by WSU faculty and staff, community partners, CCE staff members or other students. All WSU students or groups regardless of their campus affiliation are eligible to receive this award. Click here to nominate a student or student group.

Nominations will be due the first day of the following months: October, November, December, February, March, and April. Nominations received by April 1 will determine the March and April winners. The student or student group that is selected to receive the Community Involvement Award will be notified no later than ten days after the nomination.


January Community Involvement Award Recipient Kim Poma

Kim Poma has been selected as the January Community Involvement Award Winner. She is an undergraduate student at WSU Pullman and an active member of the WSU Food Rescue Club. This club mitigates food waste locally by salvaging food from events, cafes, and dining centers to deliver food to the Community Action Center.

Kim also volunteers her personal time with the Community Action Center. This past fall, Kim helped over 150 families who came into the foodbank for Thanksgiving, organized 11,000 pounds of food donations, held nutrition food demonstrations, and much more.

Thank you, Kim, for your dedication to helping with food insecurity in your local community. You are making a difference!

Past Winners

  • 2017 Winners

    • January: Kim Poma
    • February: TBD

  • 2016 Winners

    • January/February: Kappa Delta Chi Sorority
    • March: Tania Perez
    • April: Mackenzie Selleg
    • September: Austin Dowell
    • October/November: Gavin Pielow

  • 2015 Winners

    • January/February: Chi Omega Sorority
    • March: Kristen Goetz
    • April: Olivia Oden
    • September: Hailey Windish
    • October: Sierra Nolan
    • November: Kari Whitney

  • 2014 Winners

    • January/February: Eleanor Gibson
    • March: Sreejith Thankappan
    • April: Heather Phillips
    • September: Devon Seymour
    • November: Kyle Geiger
    • December: Gaberielle Weiler

  • 2013 Winners

    • January/February: Amanda Mattingly
    • March: Adrian Gonzales
    • April: Alexandria Nielson
    • August/September: Micaela Lafferty
    • October: Dakota Mauzay
    • November/December: Kayla Karelsen

  • 2012 Winners

    • January/February: Sze Wah Tam
    • March: Jared Dean
    • April: Stephanie Chahan
    • August/September: Shawna Brennan
    • October: Leah Godek
    • November/December: Nick Alexander

  • 2011 Winners

    • January: Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity
    • February: Jenn Whitham
    • March: Jaclyn Vincent
    • April: Sigma Kappa Sorority
    • September: Amanda Chapman
    • October: Kyna Brewer
    • November/December: Max St. Brown

  • 2006-2010 Winners

    • Crystal Spraldin
    • Justin Blatner
    • Tenika Eddings
    • Dave Simpson
    • Payton Gonzales
    • Sumer Skelly
    • Eddie Aviles
    • Todd Judy
    • Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity
    • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
    • Darci White
    • Carla Kobashigawa
    • Katie Sherwood
    • Scott Hertzel
    • Kyle McKeeman
    • John Doty
    • Rachel Kliewer
    • Megan Warner