Center for Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Week

April 16–22, 2017

Being a Coug is a privilege; being civically engaged is a responsibility; being the change is a commitment. At the CCE, we love being civically engaged Cougs, and during Civic Engagement Week, we want to show you why! Civic Engagement Week is our time to recognize the WSU community’s commitment to making a difference and to provide even more opportunities for to you to stay informed and get involved. 

Take part in a service project, attend a class presentation, take part in Earth Day events, and attend the LEAD event featuring the President's Award for Leadership. Most importantly, thank a civically engaged Coug for all the good things he or she has done to make the world a better place.



  • All Week, April 16 – 22 | Grand Prize Raffle

    Grand Prize Raffle

    From Sunday, April 16 through Saturday, April 22, Global, Pullman, and Vancouver WSU students can enter the CCE's annual Civic Engagement Week raffle to win a great prize!

    How to Enter

    • On Instagram, post a "service selfie" of yourself on a service project and tag the CCE, OR
    • On Facebook or Twitter, post a status/tweet about how you've been civically engaged this semester and tag the CCE. Make sure your post is a form of civic engagement or your entry won't count!
    • Posts must be public to ensure CCE staff can see your entry. Feel free to change visibility to friends only after the drawing is complete (Tuesday, April 25).
    • Posts must tag the CCE (@WSUCCE on Twitter and Instagram, @WSU Center for Civic Engagement - WSU CCE on Facebook) to ensure we can find your entry.


    • Grand Prize: Refurbished Bicycle from the Palouse Bicycle Collective!
    • Others: Gift cards to the Bookie and Porch Light Pizza

    CCE Social Media Platforms to Tag


    • Only current WSU students (undergraduates and graduates) are eligible for the raffle.
    • Current CCE staff are not eligible for the raffle.
    • Students can enter up to three times, once on each of the three social media platforms listed above.
    • Posts must have different content to count more than once.
    • Students can only win one prize per year. If a student's name is drawn more than once, the lower place prize will be redrawn.
    • Students from any campus can win, however, if a non-Pullman student wins the grand prize, they must make arrangements to pick up this prize. All other prizes will be mailed to non-Pullman students.


    • Winners will be drawn on Monday, April 24 through the social media platform with which they entered.
    • Winners who do not make arrangements to pick up their prizes by Wednesday, April 26 will forfeit their prize, and new winners will be drawn.

    Sponsor: Center for Civic Engagement

  • All Week, April 16 – 22| Service Projects

    Alumni & Students Service Projects (Pullman)

    The CCE is offering two alumni and student service projects on Monday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 19. The Monday project will be helping local seniors with chores from 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM, while the Wednesday project will be helping with the Community Action Center gardens from 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

    Alumni Registration>>

    Student Registration>>

    Sponsor: Center for Civic Engagement & Alumni Association

    CCE-Led Service Projects (Pullman)

    The CCE provides free transportation to all CCE-led projects, and we have scheduled seven special projects for Civic Engagement Week! Sign up at the links below on CougSync to reserve your spot on the project.

    Daily CCE-led projects can also be found by searching for "CCE Transportation Provided" on CougSync.

    Sponsor: Center for Civic Engagement

    Global Campus Service Projects

    Various Times | Sign up on

    Community service is a great way to give back to your community and fight poverty locally. Students can sign up for a variety of projects on CougSync; just search for your interests or by location! Students should bring their Record of Civic Engagement form to the project and have it signed by a representative from the community organization. You can also send photos to to be featured on the CCE's social media.

    Sponsor: Center for Civic Engagement

  • Weekdays, April 17 – 21 | CUB Table & Food Drive

    CUB Table with Prize Wheel

    April 17–20 | 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM | CUB First Floor
    April 21 | 11 AM – 2 PM | Earth Day Fair on the Glenn Terrell Mall

    Each weekday, stop by the CCE's table on the CUB first floor to learn how you can get involved and to spin our prize wheel for a chance to win t-shirts, travel tumblers, and more!

    Sponsor: Center for Civic Engagement

    Albion Food Pantry Food Drive

    Donation Bins in CUB L45, CUB L46, and Wilson-Short 8

    Help support the Albion Food Pantry by donating food at any of the three locations above! Albion is especially in need of the following items: cereal, boxed meals, sugars (brown, white, and powdered), juice, crackers, canned items, condiments, spices, muffin and cake mixes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, gluten free foods, flour, and butter. Visit for a list of most needed items for food pantries.

    Sponsors: Center for Civic Engagement, IP International Center, & Women's Resource Center

  • Tuesday, April 18 | LEAD Ceremony & Foley Lecture

    LEAD Ceremony

    4:30 PM | CUB Senior Ballroom & YouTube

    The Leadership and Engagement Awards of Distinction (LEAD) event is a celebration of WSU student leaders and those who have mentored and supported the efforts of these students as they work towards leadership and social change. LEAD is the premiere event of Civic Engagement Week. This event is live streamed for Global Campus students. Click here to learn more.

    Sponsors: Center for Civic Engagement, Student Involvement, GPSA, & ASWSU

    Public Lecture "Patriotism versus Nationalism: When Should We Be Concerned?"

    4:30 PM | CUE 203

    Dr. Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, will discuss the causes and manifestations of nationalism in the context of the new administration.

    Sponsor: Foley Institute

  • Wednesday, April 19 | Spring Fair, , Immigration Discussion, Foster Care Webinar & Documentary

    International Center Spring Fair

    9 AM – 4 PM | CUB L46

    Stop by the International Center for food, music, games and more!

    Sponsor: IP International Center

    Beyond Borders: A Panel Discussion on Immigration

    2 PM – 3 PM | CUB Butch's Den

    Join this student panel discussion about immigration policies and experiences.

    Sponsor: Daily Evergreen

    Foster Care Children & Higher Education Webinar

    2:30 PM – 3:30 PM |

    While there are over 425,000 youths in foster care, only 2–9% eventually earn a bachelor’s degree.  WSU Human Development professor, Dr. Amy Salazar, will provide an overview of youth aging out of foster care and the challenges they face when accessing higher education. Click here to register.

    Sponsor: Global Connections

    "Before the Flood" Documentary Screening

    6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | CUB Auditorium

    This film, presented by National Geographic, features Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, traveling to five continents and the Arctic to witness climate change firsthand. Participants are invited to discuss the film after the screening.

    Sponsor: ASWSU GIVE

  • Thursday, April 20 | FEMPowerment Lunch, Yucatecan Connections, Foley Panel, Fake News Webinar, & Relationship Workshop

    FEMPowerment Lunch

    12:30 PM – 2 PM | Wilson-Short 8

    For this series, invited speakers join the Women's Resource Center for lunch to discuss empowering topics. We'll provide the light lunch; you provide the conversation! This discussion will focus around civic engagement and democratic action for students.

    Sponsor: Women's Resource Center

    Yucatecan Connections
    Contemporary Maya Identities: Mayaob K’iinil Bejla’e’

    1 PM – 3 PM | Cleveland 121

    As part of the Under the Skin series, Dr. Irma Yolanda Pomol Cahum and Dr. Miguel Oscar Chan Dzul will hold a roundtable discussion about Mayan language and culture in today's world.

    Sponsors: Mestizo Center, Plateau Center, & College of Education

    Public Discussion Panel "Refugees, Human Rights, and Security"

    4:30 PM | Bryan Hall 308

    The refugee crisis is a hot-button issue in the world today. Our panel of experts is ready to discuss the current implications of the ongoing crisis and our next steps. The panel will include Shweta Moorthy with the Coalition of Communities of Color, Ashly Townsen with WSU, and Thorin Wright with Arizona State University.

    Sponsor: Foley Institute

    Yucatecan Connections
    The Jarana Dance of Yucatán: U Yóok’otil Yukataan

    5:30 PM | WSU Visitor Center

    Stop by the Visitor Center to watch the performance of a traditional dance of southeastern Mexico.

    Sponsors: Mestizo Center, Plateau Center, & College of Education

    Navigating International, Real and Fake News Webinar

    6 PM – 7 PM |

    In a world filled with information, how do you keep up with current events and discern what is fact and fiction? During her live online webinar, WSU Librarian Lorena O'English will share strategies to keep up with international current events and think critically about news sources and reporting.

    Sponsor: Global Connections

    Healthy Relationships Workshop

    7 PM – 8 PM | 525 NE Campus Ave, Pullman

    What makes a healthy relationship? Are you in a healthy relationship, and how can you make your current and future relationships better? We'll discuss these questions and more.

    Sponsor: Palouse UPstanders

  • Friday, April 21 | Sign Making

    March for Science Sign Making

    1 PM – 3 PM | CUB 406

    Are you attending the Pullman/Moscow March for Science on Saturday? Stop by this event to make a sign to carry! Kate Meyer, a representative from the Pullman/Moscow March for Science, will be there to answer questions and help with signs.

    Sponsors: Pullman/Moscow March for Science, GPSA, & Center for Civic engagement

  • Saturday, April 22 | Earth Day & March for Science

    Earth Day National Day of Service

    Various Times | Sign up on

    Help keep our Earth beautiful and healthy by taking part in an environmental project today! The CCE will be offering three CCE-led projects for Pullman students, which include free transportation. Click here to view these projects. Pullman students who can provide their own transportation can also sign up for the annual Pullman stream clean up on CougSync.

    Global students can sign up for a variety of projects on CougSync; just search for your interests or by location! Students should bring their Record of Civic Engagement form to the project and have it signed by a representative from the community organization. You can also send photos to to be featured on the CCE's social media.

    Sponsor: Center for Civic Engagement

    Pullman/Moscow March for Science

    1 PM – 3 PM | Downtown Pullman Plaza

    The March for Science is a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community. Participants should meet at the downtown plaza in Pullman located at the corner of SE Pine Street and E Main Street. Click here to learn more.

    Sponsor: Pullman/Moscow March for Science