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Center for Civic Engagement

Annual Report 2009-2010

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) offers WSU students, faculty, campus departments, and community partners opportunities to share knowledge, skills, and resources for the benefit of student learning and the wellbeing of our communities. The CCE facilitates student learning and civic leadership development through engagement in community service, service learning, advocacy, political participation, public dialogue, and outreach and education.

"I really enjoyed my experience. I was able to learn concepts and observe them at the same time. It also showed me how easily I could make a difference in the lives of others.”
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Student Learning 

  • 6,439 students registered with the CCE for community engagement experiences
  • 63 major areas of study represented by student paticipants
  • 71 academic course sections provided students
    with community engagement experiences
  • 17 service learning internships for WSU students
    across the state

Learning Outcomes

  • Academic and Career Development:
    In recent surveys, more than 60% of student
    respondents agreed that their community
    engagement experience strengthened their
    interest in academic subject matter
  • Civic Knowledge and Responsibility:
    72% of respondents agreed that, as a direct result
    of their community engagement experience, they
    will work for change in society
  • Self Awareness and Efficacy:
    71% of respondents agreed that, through their
    community engagement, they learned to value
    the perspectives of others.


Innovation in Academic Service Learning:
ID 201 exemplar Kathleen Ryan’s second year Interior Design students worked collaboratively with a youth group in Skamania to develop plans for turning an old barn into a youth center.

Distant Service Learning 

  • 70 service learning projects “at a distance”
    completed by Pullman students;
  • 712 students (Pullman and Online) recorded
    9328 service hours in 80 communities beyond the

Alternative Spring Break Trips –
“Spring To Action”, a service learning trip across the state of Washington, in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources
“Eco Adventure”, environmental stewardship and outdoor adventure trip to Death Valley, in collaboration with the Outdoor Recreation Center

"Students who serve the community have a better sense of being a part of the community . . . a ‘home away from home’ as well as a place to get a degree."

Student civic engagement contributes to the University’s land-grant mission: to serve the needs of the people and communities of Washington. Assets, resources, and capacity of organizations
and communities are increased through the civic engagement of WSU students, statewide and beyond.

Community Impact

  • 592 community partners, local and distant, provide civic
    engagement opportunities to WSU students
  • 239 new community partners registered with the CCE
  • 45,499 hours of service were recorded by WSU
    students, an increase of 42% over 2008-09

In a recent survey, Community Partners indicated that the top four impacts of WSU student civic engagement are:

  1. Enhanced programs and services in the community
  2. Enhanced physical and social environments
  3. Intergenerational interaction
  4. Increased organizational impact on community needs

School Partnerships - 95 WSU students served as tutors to youth in Pullman and rural Whitman County communities, tutoring 497 youth and recording 2033 hours.

Community Service Projects - 417 projects offered during the academic year, engaging 2,064 student participants and

92 student groups (41% Greek, 33% RSO, 21% Residence
Hall, 5% other)

Greek Partnership – 50 fraternities and sororities worked with the CCE to organize community projects and track over 11,000 hours of participation.

National Days of Service - 307 students, faculty, and staff participated in 34 projects during: National Day of Service and Remembrance, September 11th; Make a Difference Day, October 24th ; Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service, January 18th; Earth Day, April 22nd

Move Out, Pitch In: In spring 2010, over 60 tons of clothing, furniture and household goods donated by WSU
students were recycled or redistributed for reuse. (MOPI is a collaborative effort of several campus and community

Girl with a cat

Excellence in Civic Engagement 2010 Award Recipients

Faculty: Dr. Robert Barnstone, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Construction Management

Undergraduate Student: Katie Sherwood, Digital Technology and Culture

Graduate Student: Joan O'sa Oviawe, Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education

Student Group: Alpha Omicron Pi

Community Partner: Dr. John Doty, founder and director of READ for LIFE


CCE Advisory Council

Mary Garcia, Human Development
Dr. Chris Oakley, Sociology
Dr. Jenifer McGuire, Human Development
Dr. Jeff Peterson, Communication

Brad Jaeckel, WSU Organic Farm
Lisa Jones, American Red Cross
Adrien Loehring, Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse
Janet Schmidt, Whitman County Extension
Megan Vining, Pullman Parks and Recreation

Edison Kent, Digital Technology and Culture / ASWSU
Julika Luopa, Elementary Education
Catherine Rein, Human Development / Distance
Degree Student
Katie Sherwood, Digital Technology and Culture
Malia Suzui, Communication

Campus Partner:
Lorena O’English, Social Sciences Reference and
Instruction Librarian