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Center for Civic Engagement

Annual Report 2010-2011


In 2010-11, the CCE launched a new marketing campaign aimed at personalizing the civic engagement experiences of WSU students, asking "What is your Dream, your Decision, and your Difference?" During this year, the CCE saw a 38% increase in student involvement. 

Service Learning has been identified as a "high impact" practice that promotes learning, personal development, and persistence of college students. (AAC&U 2008).

People talking in a group

Academic Service Learning

  • 1,700 ComSt 102 students completed 5,589 service hours as part of a new curriculum of public speaking and civic engagement
  • 3,439 students completed 26,300 hours of community service in 124 academic course sections
  • WSU students completed service learning internships in 5 different counties
  • 586 Online students completed over 6,000 hours of service with 735 hours beyond course requirements 

Student Involvement

  • 668 one time community service projects engaged 3,627 students
  • 113 student groups set up and completed 214 group service projects (57% RSO, 35% Greek, 8% Residence Hall)
  • 39 Fraternities and Sororities completed over 27,100 hours
  • 1,842 Greek members met their service requirements in two semesters
  • 3,219 instances of Greeks in service were recorded 

Community Partners

  • 921 community partners, local and distant, provided civic engagement opportunities to WSU students
  • 329 new community partners registered with the CCE
  • In recent surveys, community partners called WSU students "dynamic", "kind", and "integral" to the work of their organizations
  • In the 2011 annual survey, 75% of community partners indicated that WSU students increased their organization's impact on community needs

Combined Fund Drive

  • Over $175,000 was pledged by WSU employees to over 400 organizations
  • 85% of pledges y WSU Pullman employees went to local - Palouse - organizations
  • 83% responded to a 2010 survey of WSU employees that they have contributed time to supporting community organizations
  • 72% responded to the same survey that they primarily support community organizations monetarily 


"I found the WSU students came to their job highly motivated, knowledgeable and open learners to the task at hand. They are getting an excellent education at WSU- Kudos to the professors! Thank you!" -Community Partner
"Students have been eager and willing to reach out into the community to identify and develop collaborations that benefit the agency and the persons we serve." -Community Partner

The Dream

Students are involved in a stream cleanup
  • 7,385 students participated in community engagement experiences through the CCE
  • 8,000 students, faculty, staff, and community members through outreach events
  • 5,500 students were served by the NEW CCE Student Resource Center
  • 1,100 students attended the annual Community Service Fair on September 2

The Decision

  • 158 students, faculty and staff participated in 20 projects during four National Days of Service
  • Literacy programming supports the participation of over 300 WSU students at area schools and agencies as pen friends, tutors, and mentor, including four literacy events at rural schools
  • Five Under the Big Tent public debates involved over 250 participants, 19 panelists and five guest moderators. Topics included the internet's impact on intelligence, alcohol on campus, housing and poverty, energy and the environment, and the role of diversity in higher education.
  • Over 130 WSU students participated in a Poverty Simulation during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. over 700 students were engaged during this awareness week. 
  • During Civic Engagement Week, over 350 students learned about community engagement opportunities available to them and over 80 students, faculty, staff and community members attended the Cougs Care event to learn more about how WSU students are civically engaged in the community and to honor award recipients.
  • Four Alternative Spring Break Trips engaged 75 WSU students in local, national, and worldwide communities. Trip offerings included Spring to Action, a sustainable agriculture trip in Washington; Eco Adventure: Death Valley, a national environmental stewardship trip; Service in New Orleans, a social and ecological service trip; and Habitat for Humanity: Guatemala, an international home building trip. 

The Difference 

In the Fall of 2010 Annual Student Survey, as a direct result of their community engagement experience...

  • 77% of student respondents agreed they have a responsibility to be involved in community issues
  • 74% of respondents agreed that they gained respect for the life situation of others
  • 78% of respondents agreed they made a positive difference in the community 
"I think his experience was a great way to give us hands on experience that helped expand our academic understanding." -WSU Student

Students made a difference working with hundreds of youth as mentors and tutors, providing companionship to the elderly as well as people with disabilities.Students also made differences in our environment through stream cleanups and restoration projects. Abandoned animals were cared for and socialized by students at area shelters and rescue organizations and students stepped up to assist local governments impacted by recent budget cuts, providing help with graffiti painting and community events and beautification.

Awards and Recognition 

2011 Excellence in Civic Engagement Awards

Faculty | Dr. Ole Sleipness

Student | Michael Herseth

Online Student | Erica Vieira

Student Group: Lambda Chi Alpha

Community Partner: Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute

Campus Partner: Kathleen Parker, USDA

AmeriCorps Students in Service

Over 14,000 service hours will be completed by 41 scholarship recipients. These students will receive $57,112. 

2010 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Washington State University and the Center for Civic Engagement were inducted into the 2010 President's Honor Roll for engaging students and staff in meaningful service that achieves measurable results in the community.

Northwest Sustainability Initiative Grant

The CCE received a three year, $45,000 grant funded by Learn and Serve America to implement environmental and sustainability related service learning in STEM disciplines. The CCE supported 1,277 WSU students who contributed over 5,000 service hours in the first year.