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Center for Civic Engagement

Annual Report 2011-2012

The Center for Civic Engagement offers WSU students, faculty, campus departments, and community partners opportunities to share knowledge, skills, and resources for the benefit of student learning and the well being of our communities.

"I enjoy dong something for someone other than myself. As well, community service contributes to my personal growth and enriches my college experience." -WSU Student
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Student Involvement 

Students: 7,876

Direct Service Hours: 74,296

Academic Service Learning

  • 3,775 students participated in service learning for a class
  • 108 academic course sections offered service learning opportunities to students
  • 428 online students completed over 6,994 hours of service in 11 different academic course sections

Co-Curricular Engagement

  • 3,669 students participated in CCE-led projects
  • 226 projects were organized for student groups
  • 1,775 students in 40 fraternities and sororities completed 28,879 hours of service

Learning Outcomes

In the Spring of 2012 survey, as a direct result of their community engagement experience...

  • 83% of student respondents realized the importance of active citizenship
  • 81% of respondents gained respect for the life situation of others
  • 81% of respondents felt a personal connection to the issue they served

Community Engagement

Community Partners: 1,186

Opportunities: 3,669

On the Palouse

  • Students contributed to the work of 108 local community organizations
  • Community partners offered 731 one-time projects for WSU students
  • Over 14,000 individuals were reached by CCE outreach events
  • Over 350 students served as literacy mentors at seven local schools and five after school programs

Beyond the Palouse 

  • 290 community partners offered service learning opportunities "at a distance" for WSU sudents
  • WSU students engaged with community organizations in 20 WA Counties, 11 states, and 4 countries
  • Four alternative spring break trips traveled to destinations in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Guatemala 

My Dream.          My Decision.          My Difference.

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"Student enthusiasm adds a level to our programming that is refreshing and rejuvenating and adds an 'out of the box' level of thinking in building new relationships." -Community Partner

New in 2011-2012

Refreshed Organizational Statements

Vision: WSU students and graduated are catalysts for creating vibrant, just, and sustainable communities.

Mission: In partnership with communities, the CCE facilities student engagement which fosters a sense of self, a sense of place, and a sense of purpose to effect positive change. 

Values: Community-Awareness-Respect-Equity (CARE)

CCE Fleet Grows!

This year, the CCE's vehicle fleet expanded from three to four vehicles allowing us to transport more students. 

AmeriCorps Retention Project

The CCE welcomed an AmeriCorps member tasked with recruiting, training, and placing WSU students as mentors in local middle and high schools. In year one, 45 WSU students were placed in three schools.

Prison Debate Project

The CCE has partnered with Walla Ealla Community College and Coyote Ridge Correctional Center to pilot a collaborative debating project between student inmates and WSU students. 



Community Service Fair

  • Over 300 students and faculty/ staff in attendance
  • 36 community organizations participated

Public Forums: Debates and Reflections

  • Over 500 students participated in the 12 public forum events
  • 34 students participated as panelists or facilitators

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

  • Nine activities hosted by student groups and the CCE
  • Over 900 individuals participated in these events 

National Days of Service

  • Over 100 students participated in four days of service at WSU (9/11 Day of Service, Make a Difference Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and Earth Day)

Campus-Community Forum

  • Over 50 community and campus partners attended this revised event in May, entitled "partnerships for Change"

Civic Engagement Week and Cougs Care

  • Over 200 individuals participated in the Gallery of Service and Cougs Care awards event
  • Over 400 students engaged through outreach 

2010 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Washington State university and the Center for Civic Engagement were inducted into the 2010 President's Honor Roll for engaging students in meaningful service that achieves measurable results in the community. 

Excellence in Civic Engagement 2012 Award

This award honors individuals and groups who have deomonstrated an exemplary commitment to the vision and values of the CCE throughout the past year.

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Faculty: Dr. Paulina Sameshima

Students: Isaiah Adona & Amanda Chapman

Online Student: Blayne Amson

Student Group: Sigma Kappa Sorority

Community Partner: Randy & Rhonda Kent, R.E.A.C.H.

Campus Partner: Lorena O'English

Distinguished Service: Dr. Chris Oakley

Service Star Award

Each month the CCE's Service Star Program recognizes outstanding students who impact the community through leadership and service. 

September: Amanda Chapman

October: Kyna Brewer

November/ December: Max St. Brown

January/ February: Sze Wah Tam

March: Jared Dean

April: Stephanie Chahan

CCE Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides a foundation of support for the CCE by serving in an advisory capacity. 
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Faculty & Campus Partners

  • Dr. Christine Oakley, Sociology
  • Mary Garcia, Human Development
  • Dr. Jeff Peterson, Communications
  • Dr. Jenifer McGuire, Human Development
  • Lorena O'English, WSU Libraries

Community Partners

  • Adrien Loehring, ATVP
  • Megan Vining, Pullman Parks & Rec.
  • Janet Schmidt, Whitman Co. Extension
  • Suzy McNeilly, COAHS


  • Denise Chin, Sociology
  • Joe Cuanan, Economics
  • Amanda Spalding, ASWSU
  • Ashley Williams, Arch & CM
  • Adrian Gonzalez, ASWSU
  • Larry Lawrence