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Center for Civic Engagement

Annual Report 2013-2014

20 Year Anniversary

In 1993, the Center of Civic Engagement opened its doors as the Community Service Learning Center. In the past 20 years, 61,564 WSU students were part of creating change in communities, recording 505,095 hours of community service with an economic value of $11 million. 

The CCE has collaborated with more than 450 faculty and campus partners, 1,300 community partners, and 1,094 service learning courses.

Recognized regularly on the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the CCE has been awarded $950,000 in grants, gifts, and scholarships. 

"Together, we have created a culture of civic engagement at WSU." -Melanie Brown, CCE Director


The CCE advances the land-grant mission of the University, fostering meaningful connections and engagement between campus and communities to effect positive change in society. 


The CCE facilities student and faculty engagement with communities to promote shared knowledge, research, and service to society. 


Community-Awareness-Respect-Equity-Sustainability (CARES)

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Community Impact

  • 547 active community partners
  • 135 Palouse-based community organizations
  • 75 service learning internships
  • WSU Pen Friends wrote 3,036 letters to local elementary school students
  • WSU students engaged with communities in 34 WA counties, 21 states, and 4 countries
  • 5 Alternative Spring Break trips traveled to destinations in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, India, and Guatemala 
  • 5,267 active civic engagement opportunities 

Types of Community Partners

  • International | 1%
  • Seniors & Diverse Abilities | 4% 
  • Housing | 5%
  • Animals | 5%
  • Environment | 6%
  • Arts & Culture | 7%
  • Health & Wellness | 10%
  • Food Security & Nutrition | 12%
  • Social Services | 13%
  • Children & Youth | 17%
  • Education % Literacy | 20%

"Over 90% of our youth sports coaches are WSU students serving as role models for youth!" -Community Partner


Student Involvement 

  • 8,719 students
  • 76,767 hours of service
  • 2,301 students participated in 638 CCE-led projects
  • 2,267 students in 37 fraternities and sororities completed 34,260 hours of service
  • 40% of WSU Pullman and Global campus students were involved in community service 
  • 277 projects were organized for student organizations
  • Cougs Connect: Campus and Community Involvement Fairs attracted 500 students
  • Poverty Awareness was promoted through 13 activities, engaging over 400 students
  • The CCE Facebook page reached over 2,000 followers
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Student Participation by Affiliation

  • Conduct Sanctions | 2%
  • Global Campus | 3%
  • Athletes | 7%
  • Independent | 9%
  • Academic Classes | 20%
  • Student Groups | 23%
  • Fraternities/ Sororities | 37%


"I was able to see the humanity behind many social problems existing in our society. It was an eye-opening experience that I will never forget!" -WSU Student
"It was like a stress reliever, a chance to get away from the chaos of school, friends, and work and connect with something bigger, the community." -WSU Student

Academic Engagement 

  • 2,693 WSU students in courses
  • 40,438 hours of service learning for courses
  • 81 academic course sections integrated service learning requirements 
  • 303 Global Campus students recorded over 6,000 hours of service 
  • The departments and colleges involved in community-based learning were 73% colleges and 10% departments 
  • Campus-Community forums hosted 49 campus and community partners in fall and 45 in spring
  • CCE staff reached out to over 12,000 individuals on campus and in the local community
  • Public Forums engaged over 250 students n eight events
"This was a great experience, I highly recommend that all students go through a civic engagement experience at least once during their road to their major." -WSU Student
People hiking through a canyon
People discussing
"It connected me with peers outside of a classroom setting and made me realize for the first time that my major is the right one for me." -WSU Student