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Center for Civic Engagement

Annual Report 2016-2017

Featured Program: Cougs Vote

Cougs Vote is a system-wide democratic engagement campaign to help students register to vote, stay aware of voter deadlines, and become more informed and involved with issues they are passionate about. The Campus Vote Project and NASPA named WSU a Voter Friendly Campus for the 2016 Cougs Vote campaign. WSU is one of only 83 campuses nationwide to earn this designation.

In 2016-17 this program:

  • In fall 11,567 people participated in 183 events system-wide.
  • 58 partners, including student groups, residence halls, courses, departments, and community organizations from all six WSU campuses.
  • Cougs Vote partners registered 1,181 new voters.
  • Cougs Vote webpage was visited 3,998 times.
  • Pullman campus ballot box, which can hold 5,000 ballots, was emptied three times in the 24 hours leading up to the election night deadline.
  • WSU student news wrote 155 articles on the elections.
  • 14,145 WSU students voted system-wide.
A guy holding a sign up
"Cougs Vote influenced me to vote and taught me that every vote mattered; my vote mattered."- Delia Licona Soberanes, WSU Pullman Psychology Major
Two girls bagging vegetables

Student Engagement

  • 9,587 students recorded 85,927 service hours in 2016-2017
  • 2,301 students participated in 587 CCE-led projects
  • 526 group projects were organized for 125 student groups
  • The CCE reached 3,000 likes on Facebook and 1,000 followers on Twitter
  • 1,029 more WSU students voted in 2016 than in 2012
  • 47 students mentored 3,725 local children through 15 after school programs
  • 362 students wrote letters to children through Pen Friends
"Cougs Vote empowered me to not just vote but engage in a variety of events." - Salomon Martinez, WSU Pullman Business Major

Academic Service Learning

  • The CCE supports service learning at three WSU campuses, 8 colleges, and 15 departments offered service learning courses
  • 2,698 students in 95 academic courses completed 34,158 hours of service learning
  • 379 Global Campus students completed 5,774 hours of service for 15 courses
  • 170 Vancouver Campus students completed 1,552 hours of service for 12 coursesĀ 
Lady holding up documents and man speaking to her
"The most meaningful courses I've taken are the ones with community engagement." -Valeriw Teegardin, WSU Vancouver Social Sciences Major
Two girls standing with the Official Ballot Drop Box

Community Impact

  • 1,591 active community partners located in 37 WA counties, 28 states, and 11 countries
  • 1,066 unique community engagement opportunities
  • 216 Palouse-based partners
  • 64 service learning internships
  • The Palouse Fresh Food Project collected 12,683 lbs of food, which is the equivalent of 10,500 meals for local families