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Center for Civic Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Retrieve my Username/Password?

    On the sign in page of CougSync, there are two sign in buttons on the top right corner of the screen. Underneath the “Community Partner Sign In” button is a link labeled “Need Help Signing In?” Click on the link to reset either your username and/or password for your CougSync user profile. If you have any issues, contact the CCE at 509-335-7708.

  • Is My Organization Required to Have a Portal on CougSync?

    No, however having a CougSync portal allows community organizations to manage civic engagement opportunities for students from start to finish. CougSync documents the details of the partnership (i.e. student information, course information, and community partner information) and the affiliation agreement between WSU and the community agency. CougSync is a convenient way to promote your opportunities and your organization's mission to thousands of WSU students and student organizations. With or without a portal, though, a signed WSU Affiliation Agreement is required before students may begin working with your organization and in order for the CCE to track community engagement hours for students.

  • What is the WSU Affiliation Agreement?

    The WSU Affiliation Agreement for Community Organizations is a one page document that delineates organizational responsibilities, including safety of students participating in civic engagement and service opportunities in the community. A signed affiliation agreement is required prior to students beginning their community engagement. The affiliation agreement is valid for two years unless a shorter time frame is required by the community organization.

  • How do I Renew a WSU Affiliation Agreement?

    For CougSync Portals

    From your CougSync portal, renew the WSU Affiliation Agreement by logging onto your portal, hovering over Settings (on the right of the page), and then clicking Organization Settings. On this page you can click the green button labeled “Update and Renew Profile”. On the last page, you can re-sign and date the online WSU Affiliation Agreement. If you have any issues, contact the CCE offices at 509-335-7708.

    For Hard Copy Affiliation Agreement (No CougSync Portal)

    If you signed a hard copy Affiliation Agreement, to renew just sign and date a new copy. This can be emailed to you by CCE staff. Email to request this document.

    Unless otherwise stated, most Affiliation Agreements need to be renewed every two years from their original signed date.