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Center for Civic Engagement

CougSync Opportunity Guide

Organizational Information: Begin with at least two compelling sentences about the organization that is hosting the opportunity. What does the organization do for the local community? Why does the organization do this work?

Opportunity Description: How would this opportunity impact your organization and/or the population you serve? Include details about what WSU students will be doing and what to expect while they are participating. Describe any possible risks to the student, such as physical risks while working with large animals or emotional risk while working with vulnerable populations.

Ages of Children/Youth: (only for Opportunities involving children or youth) List age ranges and/or grades of the children being served through this opportunity. If there is a wide age range, (specifically, if there are ages younger and older than 8yrs in the same opportunity) be sure to add the notation: “This opportunity provides options to work with children of various ages. If your course requires that you work with children of a particular age, it is your responsibility to make any necessary arrangements so that you are working with the proper age group.”

Days/Times: List any specific days/times that are available for WSU students to participate, this could be the organization’s hours of operation, or specific shifts where students are needed.

Location: Where do the students need to be? Are there special instructions beyond the address listed below in the “Location/Address” field? Are there specific places to park, or a particular entrance they should use? This is a good place to insert additional Google Map links that can’t be placed in the mapping feature utilized by OrgSync.

Requirements: Include any requirements students need to complete in order to participate. Some examples include:

  • Application: Provide a link or give details for locating and completing an application, if required.
  • Background Check: If you require a background check, TB tests and/or fingerprinting for students, please include any instructions for obtaining the appropriate certifications or costs that are the responsibility of the student.
  • Orientation: List any required orientations, include dates, times and locations, or provide information about who to contact regarding scheduling an orientation.
  • Other Requirements:
    • List required specialized trainings or skills
    • Indicate a required minimum number of hours 
    • Any additional risk management concerns: bring sunscreen, water, snack, be able and willing to lift 20 pounds, etc.
    • Are there certain clothes a student should wear or clothing types a student should avoid wearing? (IE, close toed shoes, no shorts, etc.)
    • MUST INCLUDE: Students are responsible for bringing a Record of Civic Engagement form to each time they are on site or at the community agency where they are serving. Additionally, students are required to obtain the appropriate signature from their community partner supervisor. Students can pick up a blank form at the CCE office (CUB LL48) on the main WSU Campus or online here

Contact: Provide the contact information for the person students should contact if they have any questions about the event. Let the student know the best method of contact. (Include phone and/or email address).

Additional Information: Is there any additional information the students need to know? If so, include it here.