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Center for Civic Engagement

Tips for Using GivePulse

Getting Started

Recruiting WSU students to participate with your organization is as simple as creating an engaging event in GivePulse. If your organization wants to create events in GivePulse, you must first create an individual GivePulse account. When logged in you may create a group that you may administer here. Once an individual and group/community account is created you may create events. On the group page there are admin abilities: one of which is "Create Event". 

*Note: Events in GivePulse can be events, fundraisers, ticketed events, or volunteer opportunities.

When creating community engagement and volunteer events in GivePulse, here are some tips to ensure your opportunities attract participants and are as successful as possible. The following tips are based on GivePulse event submission process.

To schedule an individualized GivePulse training for your organization, contact the CCE’s Community Partnership team at Training can be facilitated in-person or online, whichever is easiest for your organization!

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Tips for Creating an Event in GivePulse 

Name: Use an event name that is descriptive and allows potential volunteers to quickly get an idea of what they are going to be doing.

Start Address: By default, GivePulse will enter your organization’s address. If the event is taking place elsewhere, be sure to update the address.  

Event Description: How will the opportunity impact your organization and/or the population you serve? Include details about what WSU students will be doing and what to expect while they are participating. Describe any possible risks to the student, such as physical risks while working with large animals or emotional risk while working with vulnerable populations.

Event logo: Add a unique, eye-catching picture that symbolizes the type of work WSU students will be completing.

Requirements:  Include any requirements students need to complete in order to participate. In GivePulse you can attach any paperwork your organization needs ahead of time to each event. Some examples include:

  • Application: Provide a link or give details for locating and completing an application, if required.
  • Background Check: If you require a background check, TB tests and/or fingerprinting for students, please include any instructions for obtaining the appropriate certifications or costs that are the responsibility of the student.
  • Orientation: List any required orientations, include dates, times and locations, or provide information about who to contact regarding scheduling an orientation.
  • Requirements:
    • List required specialized trainings or skills
    • Indicate a required minimum number of hours 
    • Any additional risk management concerns: bring sunscreen, water, snack, be able and willing to lift 20 pounds, etc.
    • Are there certain clothes a student should wear or clothing types a student should avoid wearing? (IE, close toed shoes, no shorts, etc.)

Parking Details: Are there any special parking requirements that participants should note? Is your parking lot tricky to find? Make notes like those here.

Perks: Free slice of pizza? Free event t-shirt for volunteers? Whatever it may be, list any perks here.

Registration Settings: On this page, you have a lot of options regarding when registration opens, how often it remains open, and how far in advance your registrants receive a reminder about your event. There are many more customizations you can make to your event registrations

Registration and Impact Questions: In GivePulse, you can collect information from participants before and/or after they attend your event. When creating events in GivePulse, you have an option to use their form building tool with each event you create. Some ways you might use Registration and Impact Questions:

  • Keep organized before your event
  • Conduct assessment of events or programming
  • Ask people if they want to be added to your newsletter so they can stay up-to-date with your organization