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Center for Civic Engagement

Internships at WSU

Are you interested in providing meaningful service learning internships for WSU students? Below are some resources that will help your organization develop service learning internships and attract WSU student interns. For more comprehensive internship information, feel free to contact the WSU Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) at 509-335-6000 or

The information below was adapted from the WSU Academic Success and Career Center's internship guide.

  • What is an internship?

    An internship is a carefully monitored pre-professional work or service opportunity in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what is being learned throughout the experience. Internships are part of an educational program and may qualify for academic credit. The student and host supervisor will develop a learning plan that will guide the work of the student. By offering their time, talent and enthusiasm, interns contribute to the organization’s mission and goals, while gaining valuable practical experience. Gone are the days of utilizing interns as simple unpaid labor; WSU students are seeking professional opportunities that challenge them and provide hands on experience to help them be work ready when they graduate.

  • What sort of training and supervision should be provided to interns?

    The experience should be defined by the organization as an internship, identify specific projects and career related learning, with systems in place for supervision, training, and evaluation/feedback.

    The intern supervisor will provide organizational orientation, training, feedback, complete a mid-term evaluation of the intern, and complete a final written evaluation of the intern’s work. Direct and personal contact with the supervisor on a regular basis is expected. Supervisors should provide personal expertise in the field the intern is being required to perform.

  • How does our organization post an Internship?

    Community Partners are encouraged to use both GivePulse and Handshake to post service learning internship opportunities. Once internship opportunities are posted, the CCE will work with the Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) to promote the position to WSU students on all campuses.

    Handshake is the online system that is used to share job postings and internships for WSU students and alumni.  Community partners can use Handshake to connect with students, post jobs, manage applications, schedule campus visits, and attend career fairs. For more information about Handshake and the services offered by ASCC, click here.

  • How does academic credit work?

    The student intern may earn a maximum of 15 credits altogether in this program. A minimum of 2 credits per semester is required, which equates to 6 onsite work hours per week. Students may continue for additional semester(s) at a site, pending successful completion of site and course work.

    The student intern is assigned an advisor from the ASCC who will provide support for completing a course curriculum throughout the semester to earn academic credit.

    A passing grade will be assigned based on the intern’s performance onsite as well as the quality of their written, reflective assignments.

  • Am I required to pay Student Interns?

    Recent DOL guidelines regarding pay for interns can be reviewed at: DOL Guidance on Pay for Interns. Host sites should review WSU Guidance regarding Internships: WSU Guidance on Internships. An hourly wage, stipend, or other form of compensation (tuition assistance, etc.) is often recommended. SWAG or other non-monetary compensation is generally not appropriate unless utilized in conjunction with a salary or stipend program.

  • How soon should I post on Internship?

    Think about your internship needs in advance. Get optimal exposure and advertising by posting at least 2–3 months or one semester prior to the intern’s expected start date. This allows sufficient time to advertise, screen and select the best candidates.