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Center for Civic Engagement

Student On-Site Orientation Checklist

  • Mission of the organization.
  • Who the organization serves.
  • Specific policies and procedures related to the service placement.
  • Proof of eligibility that is needed (fingerprinting, background check). Who will cover the cost of this? Where should students go to have fingerprinting done?
  • Expectations of the student.
  • Provide students a job description detailing the work they will do.
  • Site supervisor’s contact information.
  • How closely will the students be supervised? By whom?
  • Who do students call if they cannot make their scheduled service time or will be late?
  • Discuss appropriate attire when providing services.
  • What will student learn? What qualities or skills will the student develop?
  • Review confidentiality rules on site. Are pictures or videos allowed?
  • Review any risks associated with the placement.
  • Talk about service schedule.
  • Who can the student contact with questions or concerns about the placement?
  • Is there a formal evaluation the agency will fill out?
  • Where will students park if they drive?
  • Tour site-locations of restrooms, break area, etc.
  • Where, and with whom, do students check in each time they arrive at site?
  • Review safety rules of the site, location of emergency exits, and emergency procedures.
  • Emergency contact information for the student.
  • Review accident procedures at the site and what to do if there is an injury.