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Center for Civic Engagement

Basic Instructions for Setting up a CougSync Account


  • Step 1: Join CougSync

    In your email inbox you should receive an invitation from OrgSync to join your organization’s portal.

    1. Click the “Accept and Join” link in the email invitation. After clicking the link, your internet browser will open to a login page containing a “Get Signed Up” box. Note: Please let CCE staff know if you have a WSU Campus ID (for WSU students, staff and/or faculty members) you may already have a CougSync user account and can use your myWSU network login to access CougSync.

    2. Enter a First and Last Name, Email and create a password. You may choose to create a generic user account if your organization decides to use a generic email account to login, like “Volunteer Coordinator” “Agency Staff”.

    3. Click “Create Account.” Congratulations! You have now created your administrative user account to access your organization’s CougSync portal! Note: There are many powerful tools available to community organizations through CougSync. These options will be covered in other manuals.

    4. The next time you log into CougSync, the page will ask you to complete your personal user account profile. For the “Classification” question, please select “Community Member”; for all other required text boxes, please select the most appropriate option, or “Not Applicable/NA”. You only have to complete this information once.

  • Step 2: Setup Your Organization's Portal Profile

    1. Hover on the “Settings” tool on the top right of your portal and click on “Organization Settings.” Note: The Organization Settings page allows you to update and customize your organization’s profile, add a welcome message, cover photo and a custom footer.

    2. Click the green “Update Profile” or “Update and Renew Profile” button near the top of the page. On the corresponding pages, please fill in the required profile information and double check to ensure the information that is pre-populated is correct. Click the green “Continue” button on the bottom of each page when done.

    3. The third and last page of editing the portal profile is the CCE Affiliation Agreement as shown on the next page. Make sure you read through this agreement which outlines the partnership between your organization and WSU. To sign, you will be required to check the appropriate boxes, enter your name and position, and the date, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page past the ‘administrator use only’ sections and click ‘Continue’.

    4. Click ‘Finish’ on the last screen to submit the agreement. A CCE administrator will sign the agreement on behalf of WSU and approve the portal.

    Congratulations you have set-up your portal profile! The last step is to create opportunities/events for student engagement.

  • Step 3: Create Opportunities/Events

    1. Click on the “Events” tab near the top of the page. Then click the green “Create Opportunity” button to the right.

    2. Enter the name of the opportunity (Child Care Assistant, Stream Restoration Intern, Event Support, etc.). Be concise and descriptive. This is the first thing that students see when searching for opportunities.

    3. Enter a detailed description of the service. Additionally include the following elements in each opportunity:

    • Contact information for main supervisor, include name, title, email and phone.
    • Description of any possible risks to the student, such as physical risks while working with large animals or emotional risk while working with vulnerable populations.
    • Include any requirements for participation, some examples include:
      • Provide a link to a volunteer application
      • List specialized trainings or skills
      • List any required orientations
      • Indicate a required minimum number of hours
    • If you require a background check, TB tests and/or fingerprinting for students, please include any instructions for obtaining the appropriate certifications or costs that are the responsibility of the student.
    • Specific Days/Times that are available for students to participate, this could be your hours of operation, or specific shifts where students are needed.

    4. Start/End Times and Dates. There are multiple “types” of opportunities: one-time, repeating (daily, weekly, and monthly), and ongoing. For One-time events that will occur a specific day and time, such as an annual event, include the date and time frame of the event. Repeating (as shown on the right) are those that occur at set times and dates through a given timeframe, such as food sorting/distribution. Students may select 1 2 3 4 WSU Center for Civic Engagement | Revised 10/2015 from any of the individual, reoccurring dates. Ongoing are for those that take place over a longer period of time, such as an internship or general volunteer opportunities (office assistant, animal care, etc). Please select the appropriate option, and input the date(s) and time(s) as well.

    5. Location/Address. Enter a physical address and organization/building name (if applicable). CougSync automatically links any physical address to Google Maps for easy directions for students.

    6. Event Image: Please upload an engaging image or photo for students. This is one of the first things students see when searching for opportunities.

    7. Participants: There is a space below for the number of participants needed for an opportunity, and if students will be able to see who else has signed up for that project (select everyone vs. admins only). Note: We have thousands of students looking for opportunities, so please think through how many students you can handle before selecting ‘no limit’.

    8. Check the box to Share on Service Opportunity List to enable students to search for and sign up for the opportunity.

    9. Advanced Options: Click on the Advanced Options to view the four different options. Check the PreRegistration form and select the most appropriate Risk/Release of Liability form for your opportunity. When students sign up for a project, they are required to read over and sign this assumption of risk/release of liability form to complete their registration. This is an essential step to include this form. Lastly, please click the Auto-Approve All box if you would like all liability forms to be auto-approved through the system once submitted, or uncheck it if you would like to review each applicant and determine approval or denial.

    10. You may include a reflection or learning outcomes by selecting the appropriate boxes, but these are optional. Once ready, please click the green “Create Opportunity” box at the bottom.

    11. On the next page, please identify what type of civic engagement students will be performing, as well as if this opportunity should be classified as an internship. Click “Continue,” and on the last page, click “Finish.”

    Congratulations! You have just created a civic engagement opportunity on CougSync!

  • Step 4: Approve Student Involvement Entries

    Students may either submit their hours online or through the paper Record of Civic Engagement.

    For Online Involvement Entry: In your email inbox you should receive a notification from OrgSync to approve an involvement entry for a student’s hours.

    1. Click the “View Notification” link in the email notification, as shown on the right. After clicking the link, your internet browser will open a separate login page where you will sign into CougSync.

    2. Click “Community Partner Sign In” and login using your username and password. If you forgot either, you can click the “Need help signing in?” link and reset either your password or username. Note: WSU students, staff, and/or faculty members login through the “Sign in with Network ID” button and use your myWSU network login.

    3. Review the student’s pending involvement entry and select Approve or Deny. To review the complete involvement entry, select the name of the Event/Activity. Additionally, you can edit the number of hours or the event description by clicking the wrench under the “Actions” heading.

    Getting Multiple Involvement Emails? You can view the list of pending and approved hours through the “Involvement” tab on your organization's portal. By clicking “View Details” for each participant you can approve, edit or deny hours.

  • Step 5: Duplicating Opportunities

    For multiple opportunities that are similar or repeat every semester, community partners can duplicate opportunities for convenience and consistency in their postings. Duplicating opportunities allows the CCE and your organization to easily track student involvement hours over the years.

    1. After signing in as a Community Partner, you will click on “My Memberships” located at the top right of the screen. From the dropdown menu, click on your organization’s name to access your organization’s portal.

    2. Click “Events” on the top navigation bar, to see a list of past, current, and upcoming events.

    3. Click on the name of the event that you want to duplicate to view the event details.

    4. Click “Duplicate” from the grey menu on the right side of the screen to create a new opportunity. The information within the new opportunity can be altered and updated as needed.

    5. Update the opportunity with current information, including new dates or additional shifts, new orientation dates/times, new or additional requirements, and any additional pertinent information (see the CougSync Standardization Guide here for tips). Make sure to click the box to include on the Civic Engagement events list and Service Opportunities list if you would like to promote this opportunity to students.

    6. Click “Create Event” to submit for approval.