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Voting is part of being an active citizen, and your vote can make a difference. For instance, in the 2004 race for governor in Washington, Christine Gregoire won by only 129 votes, and only 60% of eligible citizens voted!

What would have happened if one student group campaigned at WSU for a different candidate? The outcome of this race could have been very different.

Your vote. Your voice. Be heard.

Cougs Vote is an ongoing democratic engagement campaign to help students register to vote, stay aware of upcoming voter deadlines, and become more informed and involved with issues they're passionate about.

Fall 2018 Washington Election

Important Midterm Election Dates
  • Online voter registration deadline: October 8
  • Start of voting period: October 19
  • In-person voter registration deadline: October 29
  • Election Day (Ballots due): November 6
Basic Guidelines
  • Register online at
  • Register in person at your County Auditor's office.
  • You can vote anytime between the start of the voting period (when your ballot is mailed to you) and Election Day.
  • Ballots can be returned via USPS mail with a stamp, to a County Auditor office, or dropped at a Ballot Drop Box. You can look up your drop off locations at
  • You will receive a voter pamphlet in the mail before the voting period begins that provides an overview of your ballot. Your pamphlet can also be viewed online at
  • You can update your address and other information online through the online registration deadline at