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Center for Civic Engagement

Be Informed

How to Educate Yourself on Candidates & Issues
Students watch the 2016 presidential debates in the CUB.

One of the hardest steps on your journey to becoming an engaged, informed citizen will be starting to inform yourself on current issues and candidates, but once you have developed your basic knowledge, it becomes much easier to stay on top of new developments. The Cougs Vote WSU Library Guide is a great place to get started! Below you will find nonpartisan quizzes, websites, and apps to help you both determine where you stand on different issues and how your causes overlap with election items and candidates' views.

  • Compare Issues

    Use these sites to compare arguments about different issues and learn what legislation and representatives support and oppose different stances on these issues. Issues range from the environment and college tuition to abortion and religious freedom.

  • Compare Representatives & Ballot Measures

    Once you have determined where you stand on issues that are important to you, it is time to start researching which of your representatives and upcoming ballot measures align best with your beliefs. Below are links to two phone apps for researching these issues as a website. For the apps, search for "iCitizen" and "Countable" in your app store to download the apps.