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Center for Civic Engagement

Benefits of Service Learning

Developing a service learning course can improve student learning and retention, provide support to community organizations, and provide community-based networking and research opportunities for faculty. Read about the many benefits of service learning for faculty, students, and community partners below.

  • Faculty

    • Attract highly motivated and engaged students
    • Support students with different learning styles
    • Bring new and experienced perspectives to course discussions
    • Networking opportunities with engaged faculty in other disciplines
    • Support local communities and become more familiar with community assets and needs
    • Encourage active participation by WSU community
    • Explore new channels for research and publication
    • Earn recognition from the CCE for stellar service learning outcomes

  • Students

    • Increased retention, motivation, and engagement
    • Better grades
    • Explore diverse uses of course content
    • Practical hands on experience
    • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Build professional networks for future jobs, internships, and/or references
    • Improve resume and/or curriculum vitae

  • Community Partners

    • Added human resources help agencies meet their goals and needs
    • Network with the WSU community and other community agencies
    • Students bring creativity and energy to the larger community
    • Educating young adults about community needs encourages future civic participation and helps ensure future support of the organization
    • Increase awareness of important issues
    • Take part in the education of tomorrow's leaders