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Center for Civic Engagement

Tracking Your Civic Engagement Experiences

The Center for Civic Engagement records student civic engagement experiences in GivePulse.

How to Record Your Hours

To record your hours, log on to your GivePulse account.

  • Click ‘Hi [Name]’
  • Select ‘Add Impact’

Find the group or class you engaged with using the ‘Search’ or ‘My Groups & Classes’ tabs.

Once the group has been selected:

  • Enter the start and end dates
  • Enter the type of impact and quantity
  • Tell us more about your experience:
    • Rate your experience
    • Provide a reflection or offer feedback
    • Share personal notes
    • Add an attachment
  • Don’t forget to click the green ‘Add Impact’ button to complete the submission process

Your community partner will receive a message asking them to verify your impact.