Center for Civic Engagement

Tracking Your Civic Engagement Experiences

The Center for Civic Engagement records student civic engagement experiences on the CougSync database. To record your hours, complete and submit  a Record of Civic Engagement form to the CCE.

How to Record Your Hours

  • Record of Civic Engagement Form

    The Record of Civic Engagement form is what you will use to track your individual placement or self-led project hours. Your site supervisor must verify your hours on the lines provided. Their signature can either be on each line or at a diagonal so their signature is only touching each line where you have hours recorded. Turn in this form often to keep your records up-to-date. Please allow two business days for your hours to be entered into CougSync.

  • CCE-Led Service Projects

    If you attend a project led by a CCE Project Leader, your hours will be recorded from the form he or she has you complete on the project. For these CCE-led projects, do not submit your hours online or use your own Record of Civic Engagement form. We'll take care of this for you!

  • Group Project Form

    If you set up a group project through the CCE, we will provide you with a group project sign in sheet prior to your project. To request a project for your group, click here.