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Center for Civic Engagement

Community Engagement Options

How will you change the world? How will service change you? The CCE offers several types of community engagement options to meet your needs.

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  • Short Term Projects

    Short term projects typically last from a few hours to a day. On these projects, you might help with a shift at an event or a project that doesn't need the same people working on it week after week, such as planting trees or socializing animals. The CCE offers three types of short term projects: CCE-led projects, individual projects, and group projects.

    CCE-Led Projects

    CCE-led service projects are facilitated by CCE project leaders that last between one and three hours and are completed in a single day. These are great for students with busy schedules, for students who need to meet service requirements, and those who simply want to try several different projects to find out where they can have the best experience and make the biggest difference. Sign up for as many or as few CCE-led service projects as you like each semester!

    Transportation is provided, and CCE Project Leaders facilitate a reflection after the project to help frame your service experience. There is no need to bring your own Record of Civic Engagement form because Project Leaders bring a sign in sheet for participants.

    Find CCE-led service projects on GivePulse. Click ‘Request to Join’ and sign up for service events!  

    Individual Projects

    Individual projects are ideal for Global students or students who want to serve over breaks.

    Find projects that work for you on GivePulse!

    Group Projects

    Be a part of the group!

    The CCE can set up a special project tailored to your club, house, residence hall floor, or friends! Group projects are open to all students—the CCE will work with your group to help find the best community service experience for you.

    Explore opportunities on GivePulse.

  • Pen Friends Program

    Pen Friends is a weekly letter exchange program that promotes literacy development in local elementary schools while giving WSU students a chance to become civically engaged. WSU students are recruited to participate as letter writers and academic mentors.

    Learn more about this program.

  • Placements & Internships

    Placements and internships are long-term opportunities that match students with a local community partner for the duration of the semester or year. Apply your coursework and skill sets while helping a community agency or school. Examples include a semester-long in-class mentoring assignment at local schools, building a website for a nonprofit, or completing a historic assessment for the city. 

    Find opportunities that work for you on GivePulse!

  • Academic Course Projects

    The CCE works with academic courses that incorporate service learning into the curriculum; a CCE course project involves faculty, students and community partners working to develop and implement a project that aligns the course learning objectives with a community-identified need. This is a great way for students to gain real-world work experience while helping make our community a better place. 

  • Community Based Research

    Community-based research (CBR) brings together university researchers and community partners to use their combined knowledge to find solutions to complex social justice issues.

    CBR projects are typically undertaken by university faculty or graduate students in partnership with community. Click here to learn about how the CCE can support faculty, and click here to learn about how the CCE supports graduate students.

    Click here to access Campus Compact's list of articles outlining how to develop quality CBR projects.

    Contact our Academic Program at for assistance.