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Center for Civic Engagement

Welcome, Global Campus Students!

We are thrilled to be working with you. Civic engagement is a great way for Global Campus students to gain hands-on experience while helping improve their own communities. The CCE is currently affiliated with community organizations throughout the US and in several countries, which means there are a lot of community service opportunities just waiting for you. Visit the Get Engaged pages to learn more about how civic engagement is defined at WSU and how to record your service.

Why is Civic Engagement Important for Online Students Video Transcript

  • Course Requirements

    Are you starting a service learning project for your online course? Click through the Prezi below to learn more about the purpose of service learning and how to complete your course requirements.

    Global Campus Prezi Transcript

  • Events

    The Center for Civic Engagement strives to connect WSU online students with events and civic engagement opportunities as often as possible. We have developed a live streaming program for select Public Square events to help online students engage in dialogue relevant to students and our community as a whole. We also participate in events such as the Tacoma Rendezvous where we offer a service project and help familiarize students with the civic engagement opportunities available around the state and world. To see what events are available each semester, check out the events listed below!

    The CCE also attends the annual fall Rendezoo event and the December and May graduation receptions in Pullman. Click here for ASWSU Global events.

  • Live Streaming

    The CCE live streams select events for Global Campus students throughout the year. Events are live streamed and recorded on the CCE YouTube channel. You do not need a YouTube account to watch a live streamed video. The recorded video will be available on the CCE channel immediately after the event concludes for those who were not able to view the live stream.

    For discussion-based events and events that include Q&A sessions, Global Campus students should use the YouTube chat feature included in the live stream. Students need a YouTube account to participate in these discussions. Your first step for creating a YouTube account is to create a Google account. You may already have a Google account if you use Gmail, Blogger, or a number of other products.

    Once you have a Google Account, you will next need to create a YouTube channel so you can comment on the live stream. If you already have a YouTube channel, you can use it to chat in the live stream, or you can create a second channel and keep your original channel private.

    Events that are typically live streamed include Public Square discussions, the LEAD awards ceremony, and International Women's Day speakers. Events available to students at a distance through live streaming will be noted in the event description.

    After the event, the videos are posted on our YouTube channel, so you can watch the events at your convenience.