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Center for Civic Engagement

Group Projects

Group of students pose for photo after a group project.

In addition to the many community service opportunities available for individuals, the CCE can help you set up a project for your student group. Group projects are available to all students, and are ideal for student organizations, fraternities, sororities, sports clubs, residence hall floors, and groups of friends. Taking part in a community service project as a group is a great bonding experience, and your project can be tailored to fit your interests.

  • How to Request a Group Project

    If your group needs assistance in securing a civic engagement project please fill out the Group Project Request form on CougSync. Please keep in mind that you will need to fill out this form for either approval or requesting assistance in securing a project. You must seek approval for a project PRIOR to the project date.

    1. Open the Group Project Request form on CougSync

    2. Sign in with your Network ID (Your username and password for MyWSU)

    3.Begin the form

    4. Input your contact information

    5. Select an orientation and/or reflection (Optional)

    • Orientations are encouraged for organizations that have new students. The CCE will work with your organization to provide an orientation explaining how CougSync works and how it can be utilized by group members.
    • Reflections are after the requested and approved service project takes place. If your group choses to participate in a reflection, students who participate in the project can join others and a CCE facilitator to discuss the impact of the service work that was completed. Students will receive an extra hour of civic engagement for participation at the reflection.

    6. Indicate if you already have or if you need a community partner

    • If you have already contacted a community partner and have a pre-planned project please click ‘yes’ to the question ‘Do you need approval for a project you have set up already?’
    • ‘Community Organization Name’ is the local organization you have been in contact with about this project (Ex. Community Action Center, Pullman Parks & Recreation, etc.)
    • If you have not been in contact with a community organization please select ‘No’ to the question ‘Do you need approval for a project you have set up already?’
    • Please provide the most accurate information available for the required question
    • If your group is interested in a specific project, please include this information in the box below the question, ‘Is there any other information that you would like to provide to help the CCE find you a group project?’ (Ex. My organization is interested in working with senior citizens at Bishop Place)

    7. Continue filling out all required information

    8. Click 'Continue'

    9. Click 'Finish'

    10. You can expect to be contacted about your submission in 1-3 business days

  • Group Project Record of Civic Engagement Forms

    Prior to the date of your project, the CCE will provide you with a group project sign in form for recording your civic engagement. Please use this form rather than the individual Record of Civic Engagement forms.

  • Group Reflection Options

    The CCE also offers orientations, preflections, and reflections for groups. Simply select this option on the Group Project Request form, and we'll help you add this to your experience. Participation in a preflection or reflection is recorded on CougSync.

    Orientations highlight what the CCE has to offer and provide a basic introduction to CougSync to help your group members more easily find service projects. Preflections and reflections are opportunities to discuss your project and the issues surrounding it in more depth.