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Center for Civic Engagement

2017 Global Campus Prezi Transcript

Last updated August 28, 2017

Frame 1: Center for Civic Engagement.

Be the change.

Frame 2: Civic Engagement at WSU

  • Activity participate to improve quality of life
  • Develop skills, knowledge, and motivation to make a difference
  • A reciprocal process
  • Can be done in many different ways
  • Must meet “Characteristics of Civic Engagement at WSU”

Frame 3: Video “Why is Civic Engagement Important for Online Students?

Video link

Video transcript

Frame 4: What is Service Learning?

Service learning gives students the opportunity to gain real world experience with course concepts through civic engagement.

Frame 5: CCE Learning Outcomes

  • Civic Responsibility: Understanding issues in the community and the responsibility of citizens to participate in the democratic process and work toward positive change in society
  • Self Awareness and Efficacy: Identifying one’s own values and interests; respecting and appreciating the perspectives and life situations of others; and gaining confidence to take action that makes a difference
  • Academic Success: Acquiring and strengthening knowledge by applying academic concepts to real issues in the community, leading to success in the classroom and development of professional skills

Frame 6: Benefits of Service Learning

  • Increased retention, motivation, and engagement
  • Mutually beneficial between students and the community
  • Practical hands-on experience
  • Greater knowledge of yourself in discipline and society
  • Build professional networks and relationships

Frame 7: Civic Engagement in Your Course

You will be required to do a placement, which you will set up on your own with a community partner. Some community partners require an orientation prior to doing your service. Students are often asked to complete an application and/or a background check. Plan ahead and start early!

Frame 8: Identify a Community Partner

  • Option 1: Use CougSync to find a Community Partner (PREFERRED)
  • Option 2: Find your own Community Partner not listed in CougSync

There are many resources available to find community organizations in your area including searching the internet, speaking with neighbors and friends, asking your local chamber of commerce, etc. Please feel free to contact the CCE if you are having difficulty finding a suitable community organization.

Frame 9: Working with a Community Organization Not on CougSync

  • Contact the Community Organization to determine if the organization has any opportunities available that meet your service learning goals. Provide them with a copy of the Letter to New Community Partners
  • You should also complete this form to begin the registration process
  • It is critical that the community organization is willing to accept the terms of the affiliation agreement, referenced in the letter, prior to beginning your service learning requirement. This is an essential risk management component that helps to ensure the safety of students.

Frame 10: Getting Started with CougSync, Your Connection to Campus Life

Through CougSync, you can search for service opportunities, track your civic engagement, and learn about upcoming events! Tracking your civic engagement will allow you to demonstrate your community involvement, as well as personal and professional growth, on your resume. CougSync tracks your activities and can even provide you with an e-portfolio to show all of the activities you have participated in at WSU. This will be a great resource when applying for jobs and/or graduate school!

Frame 11: Access CougSync at

Use your WSU network ID and password to log in to CougSync. Your network ID is the same as your MyWSU. You MUST utilize CougSync for your hours to be tracked and reported to your professor. The CCE added students into the course portal via your WSU email. An email invitation from OrgSync was sent to that address.

Frame 12: Center for Civic Engagement Portal and Your Course Portal

  • Under “My Memberships”, you should see your course in the drop down menu.
  • CCE Portal URL
  • In the CCE portal, there is a direct link to the list of service opportunities. You can also click here.

Frame 13–14: If Your Course is NOT in “My Memberships”

  1. Go to the CCE Portal
  2. Scroll down to the “Service Learning Courses on CougSync” section
  3. Click on the course portals link
  4. Select your course from the list
  5. Click the green “Join Now” button

Joining the course portal is very important because we report hours to your professor based on your membership!

Frame 15: Access Opportunities from the CCE Portal or CougSync Homepage

  • Click the Cougar head in the upper left to go to the homepage
  • Click “Service Opportunities” in the upper middle of the page to search for projects near you
  • Direct link to opportunities

Frame 16: Review the Opportunities Available on CougSync that Meet Your Course Requirements

  • You can search by city, issue, or community partner!
  • On the left side of each listing, you can look for locations near you
  • Direct link to opportunities

Frame 17: Registering for Opportunities

  • Click “Yes, Register Now” in the opportunity to register for the opportunity
  • Read the description for important instructions

Frame 18: Complete the Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Form

Be sure to click “I Agree” for the general “Assumption of Risk” statement and any Additional Risk Statement to register for the project.

Frame 19: You are Registered!

  • Contact the community partner to set up a schedule for your service learning hours and to complete any required paperwork or orientations
  • Check to see if you’re registered: On the event, the button that said “Yes, Register Now” will now say “Signed Up”

Frame 20: If Your Community Partner is Not on CougSync, You Must Complete the Online “Community Partner Request Form”

The CCE will then contact the community partner to complete the required affiliation process. Your hours can only be tracked and reported to your professor if your community partner is affiliated with the CCE! If you are uncertain if your community partner has completed the affiliation process, contact Becca Weed at The request form can be accessed here.