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Center for Civic Engagement

Why is Civic Engagement Important for Online Students Video Transcript

Washington State University Center for Civic Engagement, 2014

[Text on screen: The WSU Center for Civic Engagement asks WSU Global Campus students, “Why is civic engagement important for online students?”]

Brianna Lisenbee, WSU Global Campus Business Management and Operations Major and ASWSU Global Representative: Civic engagement is important for online students because it gives us the opportunity to get involved outside of the classroom. Something that WSU online students don't always get to do is get together face-to-face and so civic engagement allows us to do that and helps us build our resumes and makes us feel like we're part of the WSU community.

Adrian Woods, WSU Global Campus Business Administration Major and ASWSU Global Representative: You know I think seven engagement it's really important for online students because there is a certain disconnect because we're not on a actual campus wall or virtual campus. It’s just a great way to connect with other students and more importantly connect with our community as an as a Washington State student.

Lindsey Buckner, WSU Global Campus Humanities Major: So it was a requirement that I had for a class and I went out and did my service project and ended up just falling in love with it. It really brought the classroom out of the computer, and I live it and it just becomes such an important part of my life. I couldn't imagine not doing volunteer work and not helping out in my community without having this.

Janna Carter, WSU Global Campus Social Sciences Major and ASWSU Global Representative: Student engagement is important for online students because it gets us out of our chair in front of our computer screen and out into our communities and I think there are so many communities to be a part of. We have our online community but we also have our local communities and so it just gets us involved and helps make the world a better place.

Eric Thomas, WSU Global Campus Management Information Systems Major and ASWSU Global Representative: Civic engagement is important for online students because it gives them a sense of being a part of their community. You can reach out donate your time Habitat for Humanity, maybe pulling some trash off the side of the road. I mean it can be anything, but you're getting more of a sense of accomplishment during your college experience. You're not on a physical campus since you're doing classes online so it kind of gives you a way to better connect with other students as well.

Lindsey Thomas, WSU Global Campus Accounting Major and ASWSU Global Representative: Civic engagement is really important for online students to really build a sense of community it's a great way to meet other Global Campus students in your area and it's a great way to give back to the community. To really build a well-rounded education and become a well-rounded student.

Shelly Mills, WSU Global Campus Accounting Major: You're an online student. You are focused on getting your classes done you're, if you're full-time, you know worker getting your work done it's important that you reach out to people around you in your community that you become involved with the things around you. You can only be as big as the things you leave behind for other people. As a mother is important to get your children involved it's important to let them know to reach out to other people. It's just a great thing to leave something bigger and better than yourself behind for the future generations. Get out there be a part of it. Don't be a wallflower in your house looking at the computer all day. Get out there and be a part of the community. It's definitely worth the effort.

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