Center for Civic Engagement

About the CCE

The Center for Civic Engagement offers WSU students, faculty, campus departments and community partners opportunities to share knowledge, skills and resources for the benefit of student learning and the wellbeing of our communities.


The CCE advances the land-grant mission of the university, fostering meaningful connections and engagement between campus and communities to effect positive change in society.


The CCE facilitates student and faculty engagement with communities to promote shared knowledge, research, and service to society.


  1. Community: A group with a common point of reference, geographic, culture, or identity, working for the advancement of society.
  2. Awareness: Encompasses the responsibilities of citizenship, including self-knowledge, understanding of social problems, and informed participation in our democracy.
  3. Respect: Practice civility, understand how one’s actions impact others, and view situations through the perspectives of others.
  4. Equity: Foster inclusion through policies, practices, and programming; value diversity and its relationship to social justice.
  5. Sustainability: Understand and contribute to the interdependent systems that support just and healthy communities and ecosystems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Civic Responsibility and Community Knowledge: Understanding of social, cultural, and/or environmental issues impacting community and willingness to engage with community to effect positive change
  • Self Awareness and Efficacy: Understanding and acceptance of self and others; empowerment to act; awareness of, and responsibility for, the impact of actions on others
  • Academic and Career Development: Enhanced ability to apply academic concepts and/or identify career connections through community work and networks

Strategic Goals

  1. Enhance the learning and wellbeing of all WSU students through diverse civic engagement and leadership experiences.
  2. Develop key campus and community partnerships that promote the mission and values of the CCE and address community-identified needs.
  3. Align the CCE with institutional initiatives that support a culture of engagement, research, and the land-grant mission of WSU.
  4. Maximize program resources to respond to increased responsibility for campus-community engagement.

Annual Reports

Each academic year, the CCE produces an annual report to share our accomplishments over the year. Click on the links below to download our annual reports.